What is SweetButterCheeks?

We are a crowdfunded Ministry focused on loving others by making and delivering free sweets for anyone needing prayer or a reason to smile

Why call it SweetButterCheeks?

When my husband and I were dating as teenagers, his mother use to love to talk about my rosie red cheeks, so He then gave me the nickname of Sweet Cheeks.  As we began to make sweets and give away to others we noticed that the number one and most flavorful ingredient we always used was BUTTER.  SweetButterCheeks Ministry was born. 

What is SBC's Purpose and Goal?

To read more about our purpose and goals we recommend you check out our Purpose page

Who are the Sweets recommended for?

FREE SWEETS are requested by friends, family, or neighbors of people going thru bad times or situations and hand delivered on either Saturday's or Sunday's.

Are the Sweets really FREE?

Yes!  Every request is a homemade individually sized sweet, Scripture, a personalized card from YOU 💌 , and delivered for absolutely no cost

Why just give sweets away?

To learn more about why and how SweetButterCheeks got its start, check out our BIO (Click Here)

Can I pick a Sweet to deliver for FREE?

Currently, to keep costs down and our sweets FREE, we offer a random individual sized sweet.  Sweets can change each week so be on the lookout for what we are cooking up next! FREESWEET answers...

Can I order a Whole Sweet?

No, not at this time.  SBC focus is to show love to one another and not just for self.  So we create individual sized sweets to deliver to members of the community in need of hope & prayer

How are the sweets paid for?

We are crowdfunded and use Donations or Donated Items by people in the community,  just like YOU!

Can I help and JOIN this mission?

If you would like to get involved, you may assist by Donation online or Donated Items per request us to pick up

What does my donation go to?

100% of every Donation received goes toward creating, developing, and giving away FREE sweets to members of your community.  Every Donation = a Free Sweet Creation

What if I have Food Allergies?

All products are "Made in a Home Food Establishment" and may contain Dairy, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, & Wheat.  Contact Us directly for other possible options.

Where are you located?

We are located in Claremore and are only able to serve the local areas of Rogers County (plus Owasso & Catoosa) currently to preserve freshness of each product.  If outside of these areas, please Contact Us directly so we may assist you further.

More Questions?

Contact Us directly and we will do our best to answer