Let me explain...

I (Mandy) am an introvert in every way.  If there was a picture for that definition, my face would be the best fit.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE people, but I also LOVE the least amount of chaos going on around me and LOVE my quiet time.  I am not a gal of many words or good with words even when I try, and in no way am I a fixer of someone else’s problems.  But whip up something sweet, offer a hug or shoulder is something I CAN AND LOVE TO DO!!  BAM, just like that, God spoke to me and said, “that is what I’ve called you to do this whole time, you just refused to listen until now!”  A couple weeks later, with a lot of help from my hubby, “SweetButterCheeks Ministries” was born.

God opened my eyes to being ok with being myself (an introvert) that stays focused and gets more accomplished on my own and in my quiet place where I can also be where my heart is also, with my family.  Home with my people is my happy place, I will almost always choose to stay home over any social activity.  Within months, I found myself in my free time baking in the kitchen more than ever, making deliveries to the ones that God laid on my heart, with or without a specific reason.  One day I asked myself, what are you doing, why are you always in the kitchen baking, spending tons of money on products and delivering to everyone’s homes?  God quickly responded...”for Me” He said.  He reminded me I was here to be the hands & feet of Jesus and this is the gift He’d given me, & for others to see Christ through me.  It was a HOLY MOLY moment for me, an answered prayer, and a peace that washed over me.  I had finally discovered his purpose for me.  The Holy Spirit was quick to say God is LOVE, and isn’t that what God's Word teaches us all about and what He wants us all to do and show to others, LOVE?  (John 15:12I felt God was telling me that this is how I have created you, to show My love to others and bring glory to My name.  I was reminded of a verse as He spoke to me, "Above all, LOVE each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sin."  (1 Peter 4:8So, this introvert finds herself in her kitchen, doing what she loves, baking sweets for others, praying intentionally and specifically for each person and “Sweet Treat” we deliver, in the peace and quiet of her home, where she can be with the people she loves most, her family.

I encourage you today, if you haven’t already, listen to God and discover the gift He’s given you.  Even if, like mine, it’s not the Ministry that sparkles and shines or the one that wins the popularity vote.  It takes all kinds of people, with different kinds of gifts, to reach ALL of HIS people.  When you truly accept who and how God has created you (created in the image of God)  (Genesis 1:27) nothing else will matter and peace remains.

I hope my story in finding my spiritual gift helps and encourages someone else to do the same.  Serving our Lord is where we all will truly find happiness and peace, happiness in everything else fades. (Colossians 3:2) (Matthew 6:19-21)  

Grab something “Sweet”, say a little prayer, and most of all, LISTEN.